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Building a Better Steel Shed Industry: FY2015 Year in Review

October 17, 2015

The 2015 Financial Year was a stellar one for ShedSafe, and we have successfully managed to inform, educate and encourage industry compliance. As a result, we are seeing a much higher standard within the Australian market, and we have built robust relationships with various shed companies and regulators.

Our Accredited Members:

  • Ensured their steel buildings meet the appropriate standards
  • Continue to build their knowledge through our training programs
  • Offer support and valuable feedback to our organisation

Industry Research

On top of all this, ShedSafe was also awarded a grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC). This grant is to study the internal pressure fluctuations in steel buildings to reduce the criteria for open and cyclonic sheds. This research is conducted in partnership with James Cook University Australia, a world renowned university for wind engineering.

Promoting a Safe Steel Building Industry

Part of our growth strategy was to build awareness about our organisation, with not only those within the industry, but also Australian consumers.

ShedSafe unveiled our new website, which features an improved “Find a Shed Seller” search engine. This simple function helps consumers find Accredited Shed companies throughout Australia, based on searches by:

  • Postcode
  • Manufacturer
  • Company name


An increase in enquiry calls to the ShedSafe office from consumers and certifiers has been noted since the website relaunch.

Informational Brochures

ShedSafe also released a number of informational brochures for accredited shed outlets to supply to their customers. The directive of this brochure is:

  • To help Australian consumers understand the shed buying process
  • Offer guidance on what to look for in a shed;
  • And of course, to educate them on who ShedSafe is and the importance of purchasing from a ShedSafe Accredited steel building supplier.


Feel free to download a copy of this brochure here.

Encouraging Industry Compliance

There have been a couple of instances where companies and engineers are under review after a referral from the Steel Shed Group for inappropriate certification (specifically for cyclonic designs). We will continue to raise these examples with the appropriate building regulator to investigate buildings and companies who fail to provide complaint sheds.

In Summary

ShedSafe’s main initiative is to ensure we have an industry of steel building operators who comply with the Building Code of Australia. Ideally, we want consumers to feel confident they are investing in a safe and secure product that is designed specifically for their environment, and to significantly reduce the risk of structural damage.

Going forward, ShedSafe will continue to build our knowledge through various studies, and will pass this on to our members through our online training portal, seminars and product guides.

We will continue to encourage steel building outlets to ensure they apply or renew their accreditation, and educate Australian consumers of the importance of dealing with companies who have been accredited.