History of ShedSafe

In 2006, following the devastation of the Cyclone Larry in North Queensland  Government Regulators and Building Certifiers called on the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) to facilitate design compliance  with the Building Code of Australia for steel sheds. Regulators also pointed out that shed failures where not limited to cyclonic areas and was an issue shed for in all regions of Australia.

The ASI responded to regulator requests for design compliance by publishing  the Steel Shed Design Guide for Portal Frames Sheds and Garages in 2008. The design guide provides guidance for engineers & designers in the correct application of design codes for steel sheds.

The design guide encourages efficient design of BCA compliant sheds that are able to withstand the weather conditions for which they are designed.

The ShedSafe accreditation program was initiated by the ASI Steel Shed Group as a way to demonstrate the design compliance of shed suppliers.