How to Buy ShedSafe

ShedSafe is a two tiered accreditation program – accrediting both the manufacturers who are responsible for the engineering and design, and the shed sellers who are responsible for making sure the shed design offered is appropriate for their customers specific site conditions and use.

Shed sellers cannot apply for accreditation until their supplying manufacturer has successfully completed their accreditation process.

So for peace of mind, make sure you choose an accredited ShedSafe seller for your next shed purchase.
To find a ShedSafe accredited seller in your region, use the the search tool on the right.

Before contacting local sellers, it’s important that buyers have information ready so that the quoted designs meet your needs. Click here  to read more.

All ShedSafe shed sellers must provide customers with site specific information on their quotes.
To find out what should be on your quote, click here.

If your shed supplier is NOT constructing the shed, you need to speak with a licensed builder and or building certifier to confirm (preferably by a site visit) before committing to buy, that the criteria quoted is SUITABLE for the intended site