For Shed Sellers

This information is for shed sellers engaged in retail sales of cold formed steel sheds, 6-36 meters in span.

Please note – shed sellers can only apply for accreditation once their manufacturer has been accredited Shed Safe.

Why Accredit as ShedSafe?

Find out more about ShedSafe Accreditation : Why Accredit as ShedSafe

New Applicants

Are you a shed seller wishing to become ShedSafe accredited? Get started here : New Applicants

Renew your Accreditation

Shed sellers need to renew and update their accreditation annually. Follow the renewal steps here : Renew Your Accreditation

Training Module

Visit the following page to review the training module : Shed Specification Training Module.

Questionnaire & Certificate

Complete the questionnaire and collect your ShedSafe certificate : Questionnaire & Certificate