Updating your Accreditation

Update your Accreditation Annually

Shed sellers are required to  update their businesses accreditation annually by successfully completing the Specification module. A certificate of completion can be printed once completed.

Staff of accredited shed sellers are encouraged to complete the specification module and display their certificate of completion. Staff go to Step 4.

Follow the following steps to update your accreditation with ShedSafe.

Step 1. Review the updated ShedSafe Terms and Conditions

ShedSafe Accreditation is subject to Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you have read the following terms and conditions document : ShedSafe Seller Terms & Conditions

Step 2. Review your contact details and ShedSafe listing

Please ensure your web listing on the ShedSafe directory is up to date. Search and view your listing in the Shed Seller Directory. If you require your details to be updated, please email us at applications@shedsafe.com.au

Step 3. Review the Specification Module

Please review the Shed Specification Module prior to completing the questionnaire & generating your new certificate: Specification Module.

Step 4. Complete the Shed Specification Questionnaire & Collect your new Certificate

To complete the updating of your accreditation, successfully complete the Online Questionnaire & Collect your New Certificate. If you have difficulty logging in to do your re-accreditation, or retrieving your password, please email your current details to; applications@shedsafe.com.au and we will issue a new login.